#1 Sign that sciatica pain management is wrong

There is an endless amount of content out on the internet to help with sciatica pain (over 21 million articles on google). However, this does not mean that all 21 million pieces of content is right, nor will they all be right for you. But how can you tell if you’re pursuing recovery the wrong way? How can we tell if a program is working or not?

Here’s how we can tell if a program is working: pain levels go down, pain area decreases in size, your joints feel stronger and looser, you are getting closer to living your normal self.

How can you tell if a program isn’t working? If the pain levels go up, area of pain increases in size, and you are progressively getting stiffer and weaker. 

If you belong to the second group, it is time for a change. You deserve better. You deserve the opportunity to go back to playing with your kids, hanging out with your friends, playing the sports that you love. This sciatica pain is just a road block, and there are many ways to overcome this. But it is important to your recovery that you start removing the wrong things out of your life and day so you can kickstart your recovery.


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