Saturdays are for

Recovery! This doesn’t mean that you are to just lay on the couch all day and binge Netflix shows (however, you can absolutely do that if you want to; I certainly have). But it is also a time where you take a break from the daily stresses that you faced during the work week. That means taking a step away from your computer, email (wait why are you reading this?), social media, so that you can give your brain and body a break.

You charge your phone everyday, why not recharge your body at least every single week.

Here are some of our go to strategies for weekend recovery:

  1. Walk around town and enjoying this beautiful weather

  2. Grocery shop and stock up on all the amazing vegetables and lean proteins that this season has to offer (we don’t have much time left of the delicious farm season)

  3. Hang out with friends and family (if you’re an extrovert)

  4. Hang out by yourself (if you’re an introvert)

  5. Enjoy the day

These are all amazing recovery strategies that heal both the body and mind. But the most important thing to add to this, which shouldn’t be an option is sleep. Use this as an opportunity to catch up on all the missed sleep from the week. This will allow you to feel recharged.

It is important to have a balance between pushing yourself and recovering. This is why we have added a 12pm yoga class for members on Sundays to do exactly that. If you aren’t part of the HRF family (yet), we would still love to have you. Just email to reserve your spot ($30 to drop in).

Last but not least, we are running two nutrition challenges this coming 11/1. Our “all in” challenge will focus on principles that will help you lose fat, improve your energy, reduce your stress and make you feel better. We will be providing daily accountability over a span of 28 days and you will for sure feel the difference and be well prepared for the upcoming holiday season. It is $149 to enroll with the possibility to win a $25 credit towards other coaching services. We are also providing a free Sober November challenge that will begin on the same day. Interested in either program? Email to enroll! Kick off meeting for the challenge is on 10/26 at 2pm. 

See you there!



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