Have you met Dana?

We have some pretty strong mamas at the gym. Today we are celebrating Dana, who’s been with us since November 2017. She’s a mother of two, badass consultant, and loves health and fitness. In fact, when she joined us at HRF she actually had multiple gym memberships. Now, her biggest focus is strength training with us and yoga.

Here is what she had to say about her experience at the panda palace:

What brought me to HRF?

I had been going to a gym far from my house and it was getting to be too much with work and the kids.  But I knew I wanted to find a place closer to home with small groups, a variety of workouts and a community vibe

First impression?

Honestly probably a little intimidated and uncertain if the community was for me…everyone was lifting a lot of weight and I didn’t know how I would fit in.  Now, I know everyone cheers everyone on regardless of how much you lift…it’s more about showing up and being supportive and being supported 

First bright spot?

Not sure I remember…but my bright spot this week was teaching yoga again and 6 people showed!!

What I’m working on now?

Getting over my box jump fears, faster jump rope and changing my attitude toward the bike (lol)

Favorite memory?

Doing the Murph workout, not just completing the workout and proving to myself that I could do it but even more it was the BBQ afterwards where everyone was hanging out and having fun together.   My kids also came and everyone was playing with them and they had a blast!

Dana, we are so happy to have you as part of our family. Watching you build your strength and see all the amazing progress you’ve made so far is so exciting. Keep up the good work!

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Dana is also our newest yoga instructor on Sundays! Interested in getting yourself ready for the week by focusing on your breath and movement? Join us at 12pm every Sunday. Just email to enroll, $30 drop in! (if you are an existing member, just reserve your spot through the zenplanner app).

Have a great day!


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