Nutrition Challenge: Important Info

Are you tired of jumping from one diet plan to another? Are you fed up with having to work out 6+ times per week with minimal results? 

Nutrition is the foundation of results and our program. Which is why all our members get a free 15 minute meeting with our nutrition coach to establish the right actionable steps to maximize change. Fad diets like keto, whole 30, paleo, grapefruit diet, etc. may yield fast results but due to the demand on the body and mind, these are often short lived. As a result, people who jump from diet plan to diet plan usually end up with some broken habits when it comes to food.

We are looking to break that cycle and help you achieve the results that you want and help you keep them. Our 28 day nutrition challenge begins on 11/1 (the day after Halloween) to set your habits and eating up so that you can get results. 

Why November 1st? This actually marks the beginning of what is called the ‘foodpocalypse’, the time after Halloween which starts the holiday eating, drinking and partying. During this time, weight is gained, stress accumulates, and so does the body fat. As a result, come January 1st, people are ready to turn over a new leaf and make it the “best year ever” for their health and fitness. However, we often know how that goes. 

Here are the details for this upcoming 28 day challenge, yes, it begins on a Friday! It is 4 weeks long (Friday to Thursday, Thanksgiving) and is run by our nutrition coach, Amber Trejo, M.S. You will be given a set list of principles that will help you reset and revamp your eating habits. These principles will include increasing vegetable intake, limiting alcohol, adding lean proteins to your meals and others. These are the principles that we promote in our daily content about food. However, what this program will do is drive action. We will provide you strategies to stay compliant with a program that will help you create a set of behaviors/habits that will ultimately lead to effective and sustainable results.

How would it feel to approach every holiday party with confidence that you can enjoy yourself without overeating or over drinking? How great would it feel to approach the new year on the right foot by putting into place actions that are getting you closer to your goals?

This 28 day challenge will do just that.

You will be given an accountability system, group support, and two body composition scans (before and after) to assess the amazing progress you’ve made. If you demonstrate 97% compliance with the program, you will also win a $25 credit!

If you want to find a way to sustainably lose fat, improve your energy, reduce your stress, then this program is going to be for you. Click here to enroll in the program. We are so excited to be working with you!



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