It’s bright spots Friday!

Yesterday we talked about failure. Today, we get to talk about winning!

If this is something new for you, we practice Bright Spots Friday every week to identify the small wins and victories that happened over the past few days. You see, motivation isn’t an innate skill. In fact, most people who are highly ‘motivated’, usually identify these small victories to help replenish their energy to pursue their goals. 

So if you feel like you’re losing steam towards your goals, take 5 minutes today and identify one victory over the past week. Share it with me. I’d love to celebrate with you.

One thing that we are extremely proud of here at Hudson River Fitness are our members. They come in and work their butts off towards their goals. Their hard work doesn’t go unrecognized and the results are showing! Stay tuned for some awesome progress updates!

We are also really proud to be providing an environment where ex college athletes and people new to fitness are able to work alongside each other in a safe yet intense workout program.

So if you are looking for something that is going to push you without having to worry about getting injured, book your free no sweat intro today, click here

Have a great weekend,


***We are running two nutrition challenges this coming 11/1. Our “all in” challenge will focus on principles that will help you lose fat, improve your energy, reduce your stress and make you feel better. We will be providing daily accountability over a span of 28 days and you will for sure feel the difference and be well prepared for the upcoming holiday season. It is $149 to enroll with the possibility to win a $25 credit towards other coaching services. Clickhereto sign up now We are also providing a free Sober November challenge that will begin on the same day. Interested in either program? Emailamber@hudsonriverfitness.netto enroll! Kick off meeting for the challenge is on 10/26 at 2pm.


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