How to accomplish your goals when injured

Let’s face it. Getting injured is not fun. However, when pursuing any sort of physical activity, there is a risk of sustaining an injury. Working with a coach can help mitigate those risks, especially here at Hudson River Fitness, the only Physical Therapist owned gym in Hoboken.

But when injuries occur what is the normal course of action? Usual guidelines include rest until it feels better. But what if it doesn’t feel better, what if you feel even worse from not working out? Before you know it, you aren’t healed, eating poorly, stressed out and you are farther away from your goals than before. The good news is that you don’t have to go through that struggle. 

In fact, modified exercise can even improve pain levels. That’s great news! But the challenge is trying to figure out where to start and what to do. Here are the steps to working out when injured.

  1. Identify the severity of the injury. If you feel like you can continue along your life and feel confident that you can workout around the injury talk to your coach, or hire one. If you feel like the injury needs more in depth attention seek out help from a physical therapist (our friend Dr. Jonathan Zaid at Excel Physical therapy), or a physician.

  2. Once you get the clearance to workout, identify your limitations. Back hurts? You have your legs, arms and core to train! Knee hurts? Let’s work on your hips, core and arms!

  3. If you aren’t going to workout, try to be as mobile as possible. Check out some videos of stretches/techniques here. We will also be sharing tips and movements every monday in our emails and instagram page.

  4. Eat minimally processed foods. This will help with overall inflammation and weight control (if you are concerned about your weight)

  5. Last but not least, don’t give up hope. Injuries will happen, but most of the time you will recover and return back to your normal routine.

When you get injured, it will take some time for your body to heal. But the magical thing about the human body is that there are so many other parts of the body that can be trained! This isn’t the time to neglect them.

So if you’ve been sidelined by an injury, or have an old injury and are afraid to get back into a fitness routine, then book your free no sweat intro here. This 20 minute meeting will be a time where we sit down and discuss your goals, injuries, and a plan on how we can help you.

Not ready to start a fitness program yet? No worries. We are running a 28 day nutrition program that will jumpstart your way back to a healthy body. This principle based challenge is going to be led by our nutrition coach Amber Trejo, who has an MS in nutrition. She is here to help you gain control over the food you put in your body to facilitate healing, health, wellness, and if you want…. Weight loss.

This is going to be the perfect program for you if you’ve tried diets before and failed, and if you are looking to minimize the damage caused by holiday eating. The challenge begins on November 1st.  If you’re interested, directly email to get registered.

We got your back,



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