How do you feel about meal prep?

Happy Thursday!

If you spend all day Sunday cooking/prepping all your meals this week, then you may be getting tired of eating that chicken that you cooked 4 days ago. Let’s face it, meal prep although can be rewarding, is in fact time consuming and sometimes you feel like there are way better things to do on your Sundays, such as watching football, sleeping, and others.

Which is why meal prep companies are so great because they really do save you time in the kitchen and provide a healthy meal for you to eat when time is scarce, we currently are a pickup location for various meal prep services.

Last week I had the opportunity to hear a little more about one of our members, Erika Tolentino, a personal chef who does exactly that.

She is classically trained and offers a variety of services such as personal meal prep and small events. One really great part of what Erika does is that she will take into account your food preferences and desired flavors. She provides an entirely customized experience for you and can be done at your home or at a commercial kitchen (if available).

Her process is as follows:

  1. One on one consultation to identify needs, goals, and preferences

  2. Upon approval of the menu, cooking commences

  3. Eat and enjoy

Also, if you and your significant other want to have a date night, in your pajamas, and eat something way better than take out, Erika is your chef. For more information here is a link to her website and instagram.

Food is more than just energy in and energy out. It is an experience, a memory and an event. You don’t have to subject yourself to the same 4 day old chicken that you cooked this past weekend. You deserve something tastier!

Not quite ready for a personal chef? No worries! Join in on our 28 day challenge to teach you habits to fuel yourself with high quality food. Learn action steps to help ensure you are eating the right foods to accelerate results!

It is $149 to enroll with the opportunity to win a $25 credit towards other coaching services. Click here to sign up now. We are also providing a free Sober November challenge that will begin on the same day (send an email to Amber to enroll in our free program).

Have a great day,



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