How to enjoy Halloween treats without the guilt

Halloween candy sales reached $9 billion in 2018. That’s a lot of candy corn and chocolate! But Halloween also marks the beginning of what is called the ‘foodpocalypse’. This time from October 31s to January 1st is when holiday parties start to get added to the calendar and that includes slightly higher than normal alcohol and food consumption.

Excessive candy intake + alcohol + food can be a tough mix for people’s health and fitness goals. Social media and blogs have often shown the amount of burpees needed to be completed to burn 1 candy bar (it’s not a fun number) and who wants to do burpees outside the gym? So here are some tips on how to enjoy candy today and the days after (when there are leftovers).

  1. Go ahead. Enjoy that candy bar. Savor every bite. You’ll notice that every piece of candy is not as good as the first. So just stick with a piece or two.

  2. Drink plenty of water. With the excessive candy lying around, it can be really easy to just gnosh away at them throughout the day because you might be “hungry”. Switch that candy bar with a glass of water and see your energy levels improve and the guilt subside.

  3. Stick with your workout routine. This is going to allow you to energize your mind and encourage you to eat less sweets. Exercise is a capstone habit that actually promotes healthy behaviors in the long run.

  4. Exchange your extra candy for cash! Most dentist offices will buy back candy. Your wallet and your teeth will really thank you for it. For a list of drop off locations click on this link.

  5. If you are craving more sweet treats, opt in for making your own desserts or even eating a piece of fruit. Homemade desserts allow you to control how much sugar is in the recipe, and having fruit at night will provide some amazing vitamins and fiber to your day.

Halloween is so much fun and my favorite street to walk through on this day is on Bloomfield. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the cool house decorations, I encourage you to check them out today.

Happy Halloween!



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