What to do with leftover Halloween candy

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. November 1st marks the official start of the “foodpocalypse”.  If you missed the past couple emails, this time period between Halloween and January 1st marks when there is an increase in alcohol and food consumption. The combination of both work, friend, and family parties plus stress from year end deadlines/quotas can result in challenges to a person’s health/fitness goals.

The average American will consume around 3,000 calories from a Thanksgiving dinner alone. Now one meal will not make or break someone’s progress, however stress and limited willpower/motivation can derail it. This happens every year when people regret what they ate and drank during the holidays only to set unrealistic goals in the following year, and follow a beyond intense program. After a few months, motivation drops and the cycle repeats itself.

You don’t have to be part of that cycle. You can take a stand today and take control of your health. The first action step is to throw away all your candy. Just kidding. Save five pieces of candy and reserve to eat one piece every day. Take the rest of the candy and sell it back to a local business. This will eliminate temptation and prevent you from over eating.

The reality is that Halloween candy is not created equal. So go ahead and take a few of the pieces that you and your kids love, and then give the rest back.

You’ll be amazed about how great you feel having less candy at home.

Enjoy your weekend,



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