What does strength mean to you?

When asked via survey, over 80% of our clients were excited with how much stronger they’ve gotten since joining us at Hudson River Fitness. There are many ways for us to measure this through recording the increase in weights lifted, effortlessness of daily activities, and an overall improvement of self confidence. Other results of strength training include improved muscle tone, fat loss, and improved health.

Most of our clients come from a non weightlifting background in fitness which includes bootcamps, kickboxing, running, spinning, and also zero physical activity. The great thing is that regardless of the starting point, they were able to work with our coaches to come up with a plan that is going to best help them.

The challenge isn’t the wealth of information and access to workout programs available. In fact, there is pretty much a gym on every single block in town! The challenge is the need for coaching and guidance. As adults we are faced with thousands of decisions everyday and adding the questions of what to do with workouts can make things even more challenging. 

Our success team is here to help you every step of the way to help find the best plan of action for. Schedule your no sweat intro with us today and during this 20 minute conversation we will discuss your goals and why these goals are so important to you; and from there come up with an actionable plan that will truly work for you both long and short term.

Feel confident in the decisions that you’re making in regards to your health and fitness goals and start with a program that matches your schedule, goals, and ability. Book your no sweat intro here.

Have a great day,



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