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Congratulations! You’ve completed another successful work week. What are your biggest bright spots? What were your wins over the past couple days?

Our bright spot goes out to one of our first ever youth clients, Ellis. He’s been a client of the gym since the doors first opened in 2017 and he was one of Ashley’s first young adult clients back in 2015 (he was 9 years old then!) and now he is 14.

He originally got interested in strength training as a way to do an activity with his parents who are also active gym goers. However, it was hard to find a program that was safe and fun for children. Ellis worked on the basics, unweighted squats, pushups, and planks, and then as he got older and more experienced he started to lift weights. 

As a teenager, Ellis has gone through some significant growth. His bones have gotten longer and has gotten taller. His strength skyrocketed the moment he began to hit this growth spurt. One thing that we always kept in mind as he grew was that form was of utmost importance. Heavy lifting and crazy gymnastics movements are fun, but can be ruined with an injury.

With the right program and instruction, Ellis has grown significantly in his strength, confidence and ability to move around the gym.

He is currently pursuing electric kart racing and travels to countries like Spain to compete with the pros. His website can be found at this link.

We are so proud of his accomplishments and can’t wait to see what successes are heading his way.

If you have a young adult who would benefit from working with a certified trainer, book your free no sweat intro with us today. We will sit down and get to know your child, as well as come up with a plan that would work best for them. Better yet, if you would like to join in, we can do that too. Click on this link to book.

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