Pre-Thanksgiving meal guide!

We only have a few days before Thanksgiving. Instead of regretting what and how much you eat on this holiday, here is a meal guide you can follow leading up to turkey day. That way, you can enjoy the food with your friends and family without the guilt.

I personally like to set my meals up around dinner. Here are three recipes to have this week:

  1. Honey dijon pork tenderloin. This lean protein packed cut of meat is one of our go to meals during the week. You’ll also get an amazing helping of vegetables with the collards and an awesome carbohydrate source. (add soy sauce to the rice to make it Chinese food)

  2. Roast chicken thighs. This is the best part of the chicken. Enjoy it with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes (easy trick, throw the sweet potato in the microwave for 5 minutes covered)

  3. Fish tacos. Add a little freshness to the week with a lean protein, vegetable (red cabbage slaw), and a carb (tortilla). Easy to put together and delicious.

Having a plan of action going into the week will be really helpful especially when we have a big meal with the family in the next couple days. Be sure to get in as many vegetables as you can this week!

Have a great day.


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