The best squat stretch for tight hips

If you search the internet, squatting is one of the most effective full body exercises. However, the improper execution, injury and misunderstanding of this exercise has resulted in its demonization. But quite the contrary, not only are squats safe to perform, but they can actually be used to reduce/prevent pain (if implemented properly). 

One of the biggest factors limiting proper squatting position is range of motion and strength. The best way to address this is through what I call the “eagle squat”.

Start off with your feet underneath your hips or shoulders (your anatomy will dictate that position). Then while keeping the heels on the ground, sit the hips back and down as low as you can go. At the bottom, drive your knees out so you can feel a stretch in your inner thighs. You can use your hands to provide some extra pressure. Hang out at the bottom for up to 90s.

Second step is to put a band around your knees (light resistance) and then sink down to the bottom of the squat. Actively push your knee out using your hip muscles and alternate sides. Complete 5-15 reps per side and you will feel a nice burn in your glutes.

Try this out before your next squat or workout session. I’m confident that you’ll feel a lot better.

To see a video version of this, check out this link.

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