Who’s on your support team?

This week we had the opportunity to catch up with one of our clients, Spring. She’s been with us since the start of the summer and had some really great progress. Her most recent bright spot (accomplishments) include being able to stick with a consistent workout program and being able to run about 400m without having to stop!

As a busy mother, she was having trouble finding the time and motivation to workout regularly. In fact, she’s faced with 1000s of decisions on a daily basis and the last thing that she needs to decide is what type of workout/exercises she should be doing today.

She came across one of our posts and decided to give it a try. After going through our no sweat intro, we came up with a plan of action for her. A few months later, she is stronger, fitter, and noticed a change in how her clothes fit.

Starting a successful fitness journey is simple and requires a few ingredients: a plan, consistency, and a support system. If you have two of the three, you will get ok results, but having all three components will be crucial to profound and long term results. 

Spring’s support is her husband who stays with the baby when she works out at 5:45am. High five to him.

So if you are ready to make a change like Spring, click here for your free no sweat intro. This 15 minute meeting will figure out the best path for you. We will provide the plan, support, consistency. Motivation is a finite resource and to have someone outside the gym to cheer you on when things get challenging is gonna be super important. Who is that person going to be? Share with me by replying to this message.

Have a great day,



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