What challenge did you overcome this week?

Everyone is going through some sort of struggle. That can include health, physical or emotional challenge. We have two choices in the face of adversity, inaction or take action. At the end of each week, the community at Hudson River Fitness spends a few minutes identifying the wins of the week (AKA Bright Spots) to help identify the steps taken to help us overcome our own individual struggles.

You see motivation is a very finite resource and it can be easily depleted. Combine that with the stress of work, family, and life; it is often hard to replenish it. However, practicing Bright Spots Friday is a perfect way to help boost motivation.

If it’s hard for you to identify a win this week, then ask yourself this question: What challenges did you overcome this week? What steps did you take over the past 7 days to help you get closer to winning whatever you want.

Share them with us. We’d love to celebrate with you.

Tomorrow, Busy Bee Organics will be hosting a free tasting of “Buffins” which are protein muffins. They are delicious. See you at the gym from 9-10am to try them out.

Have a great weekend,



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