The most basic yet awesome shopping guide!

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Grocery shopping happens to be one of my favorite activities. I find it so much fun to walk around the store looking at all the vegetables and other goodies that are available. Do you agree?

However the challenge is, much like everything else, there are so many food options from which to choose. If you don’t have a plan, grocery shopping can be overwhelming and not so fun. You can see this on a weekend, when people are frazzled by the choices and filling their cart up with processed foods because they were ‘easy choices’. So today, I wanted to share with you an easy to follow shopping guide to get yourself for the weekend grocery store roundup.

  1. Have a plan of at least 5 meals over the next week. I prefer using dinner as the base to plan the week’s menu (I like having leftovers for lunch).

  2. Have a solid and repeatable breakfast menu (you can switch out eggs and oatmeal everyday if you’d like)

  3. Follow these portion guidelines: 1-3 cupped handfuls of carbs, 1-3 fistfuls of veggies, 1-3 palm sized portion of proteins, and 1-3 thumb sizes of fat sources. You can aim for the lower numbers if you are looking to lose a little weight and the higher numbers if you want to gain a little bit of muscle and energy. Calculate based off of those numbers how much of each ingredient source you’ll need.

  4. Stick to the perimeter of the store first. Focus on getting the fresh vegetables, proteins and other minimally processed items.

  5. Try to carry all the groceries home without having to put down your bags (functional fitness right?)

Extra points if you immediately start cutting up your vegetables the moment you get home. That way on Sunday you can focus more on cooking (which takes up a fraction of the time); and you can enjoy the rest of your day.

If you want more help on your nutrition habits, book a free no snack intro with one of our nutrition coaches. This 15 minute meeting with a coach will help identify what plan could be helpful for you. Click on this link to book with Amber and this link to book with Sara

Have a great weekend,



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