The best way to beat a hangover

We are more than halfway done with December, which means that many of you may have one or a few holiday parties over the next few weeks. Most holiday parties may include excessive eating and drinking which may result in less than ideal mornings, hangovers, bloating, and overall fatigue.

As we get older, sleep is going to be increasingly important as we acquire higher levels of responsibility. Life doesn’t slow down for us, so having to recover from a hangover with a busy schedule is not very fun. What would you say to the idea that you can enjoy your evenings and holiday parties with minimal hangovers? It is entirely possible and it does not have to be limited to the holidays. Here are 5 action steps to ensure that you feel great after a party:

  1. Drink 8 ounces of water for every drink you ingest. This keeps you hydrated throughout the night. If you get tired of water, switch to seltzer water.

  2. It is perfectly fine to not have a drink in your hand. If you feel like you need something in your hand to overcome social anxiety, assume a power pose such as putting your hands on your hips! You’ll feel more confident and comfortable in a social situation

  3. Load up your plate with vegetables. With buffet tables, hor d’oeuvres, and bar snacks, it can be difficult to get your vegetables in. However, most dishes have some sort of green in it; Buffalo wings (grab celery), salad greens, broccoli (just make sure you clean your teeth between bites); burgers (add lettuce and tomato); the possibilities are endless. Here is a webinar on how to approach holiday eating.

  4. Parties are for a time of celebration, but if it happens during the weekday, you’ll have work the next day. Don’t lose out on your productivity by setting a hard time to get home to sleep. Sleep deprivation and hangovers are not fun at all.

  5. Start the following morning with a full glass of water before drinking coffee. You’ll most likely be dehydrated and switching the order of the drinks will make you drier, intensifying the effects of the night before.

*If all else fails, eat a big bowl of pho (aka, Vietnamese noodle soup)

So this week when you get prepared to go to a holiday party, remember the first three action items during the event. Set a hard time to go home, and follow the last action to help you start the day on the right foot.

Happy holidays everyone!


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