How fast is fast?

One very important part of goal setting is setting a specific time frame, especially when going through the SMART protocol: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based. So how can we understand the most realistic rate of change when there are programs out there that claim to lose fat fast?

The length of time to attain a physical/health goal will depend on multiple factors, age, activity level, nutrition habits, stress levels and more. However, here are some realistic expectations in regards to time and overall body comp changes depending on the goal, if you were to make a change today:

  1. Body fat percentage reduces between .25% and .5% per week (can be measured through biometric testing, inbody scan, calipers, etc.)

  2. Body weight reduces 1-2lbs per week (anything greater than that may be related to water loss)

  3. Increased lean muscle mass by .5lbs to 1lb per week (this gets harder as we age, but not impossible)

If you factor in an effective nutrition program expect these numbers to be a little bigger, but consistency is going to be key.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you fitness/health requirements to make changes in every decade in life. Each decade will present its own unique characteristics which would guide the type of training necessary to attain a realistic goal.

As you prepare for making a change to your lifestyle, keep these points in mind as you identify timeframes to accomplish your goals.

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