Calling all men ages 18 and up!

A research article was published last week discussing the relationship between pushup capacity and future cardiovascular (CVD) events among adult men.

In this study, it was concluded that there was a correlation between completing more than 40 pushups (in 2 minutes) and a lower risk of CVD outcomes.

This pushup test is a free and easy way to see whether or not you are at a higher or lower risk of CVD.

Have you tried out this test? How did it go?

If you were able to complete >40 pushups, right on! If you weren’t able to complete these pushups, no worries, keep your eyes peeled for some ways to help improve that!

Don’t worry ladies! Even though this research article didn’t cover women, the next few posts will be helpful when it comes to improving your health.

Stay tuned!

Talk soon,


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