Can you walk the walk?

Research has shown that “walking appears to have CVD (cardiovascular disease)- related health benefits in younger, middle, and older men and women. How many steps is needed to experience the health benefits?

As with any other exercise, it depends on many factors including age and activity level. Research has concluded that not only the number of steps is important, but also the cadence/intensity. It was recommended that 100 steps/minute was sufficient for moderate intensity walking, with a guiding value of 3000 steps in addition to your daily walking routine.This would equators to between 7000-8000 steps per day.

Walking is a safe and cost efficient way to implement a method of activity into your daily life!

You can increase your daily steps by:

1) Implementing walking meetings

2) Wearing extra layers and take a walking break during your lunch time

3) Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (or go half stairs, half elevator!)

4) Wearing gloves and carry your groceries home (can you say farmers carry?)

5) Putting on your headphones and call your family member or friend as you take a walking and talking tour of your city!

The list is endless, but these are some ways that you can experience the health benefits of walking!

What are some ways that you add more steps to your day?


PS- the next email will talk about how you can strengthen your core without having to do any crunches or planks! If you have back issues, you will really want to read the next email.

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