This post can help your back

If you are having issues with constantly “tweaking” your back when squatting, picking things up, or even running then this message is for you.

Planks are great when it comes to building core strength and endurance. However, if you are able to maintain a plank position for more than 1 minute, you might be ready for the next step. Introducing the partial getup and bracing sequence.

The partial get up movement is helpful when it comes to sequencing your core and extremities, which will allow your back to stabilize during various motions. Consider this as one of the first primal movements you did as an infant. Being well versed in this motion is important to the health and safety of your back. This is something that you can do in the morning.

Once you have learned how to sequence your core, it is now time to utilize it to your advantage, especially with walking and lifting objects. The bracing technique will teach your body how to stabilize and create pressure where it should be when moving around. This is something that you should incorporate whenever you lift something from the floor or are exercising. As I tell my clients, the amount of pressure generated is going to be relative to the amount of weight that you are lifting, or the complexity of the exercise.

What are some other tools you use to help your back pain?


PS-If you are looking for a low cost, minimal equipment way to increase your cardiovascular health and lower body strength, stay tuned for the next post!

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