You know what makes me nervous?

Hey there,

I wanted to share with you something that gives me the nervous sweats. You know, the sweat that stinks the moment something scares you, intimidates you or just makes you anxious. I experience this every time I step into a gym.

Can you believe that? A gym owner who gets anxious when stepping into a gym.

I know, it’s crazy.

The reality is that when stepping into a new fitness facility, you are not just walking into a different building, but you are entering into a new tribe of people. That new tribe has their own lingo, culture, and operations. My biggest fear is that I am encroaching on their turf and that I am not welcome there. So do you know what I do when I start to feel those sweats come on?

I say “hello” and shake everyone’s hand in the room. This breaks down the barrier. Sometimes people come up to you and welcome you to their (hopefully soon to be your) gym and I love that. On the other hand, you might just have to go up and say “Hello” yourself. Once that happens, the sweats dissipate and then we sweat in a different way (aka the workout).

Human beings are social animals and we crave that sense of belonging. That sensation you feel when joining a new gym is totally normal. Once you get over that hump of the first greeting, it is smooth (yet sweaty) sailing from there.

If you aren’t quite ready to set foot into a new gym today, I totally get it. My challenge for you is to say “hello” to someone new today. If you are ready to set foot into a gym, I say go for it. The moment you open those doors, the hardest part is over.

You got this.


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