What’s stopping you?

Good afternoon,

As we reach the close of this week, I wanted to ask you, how’s everything is going? Have you made progress towards your goals and are you happy with that progress?

If the answer is that you are happy with the progress you’ve made this week, I encourage you to post on social media tomorrow and tag @hudsonriverfitness with your win, so we can celebrate you too.

If you are not happy with your results, my question for you is, what is stopping you? Why are you having trouble reaching your goals and making the changes you said you were going to make?

Someone recently asked me “Ashley, how are you so positive all the time?” I’ll be honest, it is not always a win for me. However, I have noticed that when I change my perspective on the challenges that I face on a daily basis, I have a greater chance of taking action that will solve that problem. The simple switch of “how can this happen to me” to “how can I overcome this”, actually breeds a willingness to achieve success.  That shift in mindset has actually shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase adrenaline (the energy hormone), and we start to figure it out and find a way to win.

One problem that people identify when it comes to making improvements to their health is time. Human beings are getting consistently busier and improving one’s health does take time. Saying “I don’t have time” is often another way of saying “that’s not my priority”, but it also sets you up for failure. But if you change the frame around and say “The time is a factor but I am gonna try and make it work” already creates the narrative of making actionable changes to facilitate forward progress. Examples of solving the time issue include: creating time blocks, automating different aspects of your daily life (Kettlebell kitchen), and hiring a coach to figure all that out for you.

So next time you are faced with an obstacle that prevents you from taking the necessary steps towards your fitness goals, ask yourself “how can I overcome this?”.

Share with me your strategies to win.

Talk with you soon,



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