Are you prepared?

Good morning,

I wanted to share with you the most important action step to having an amazing week. This action isn’t meal prep or Sunday Funday. In fact, the most impactful step you can take to having a successful week is setting the intention for what is to be done. What do you want to be accomplished over the next few days? From there, you will have a much better idea on what to do in order to meet it.

If you haven’t been to a yoga class, the instructors have you set your intention for the one hour class. The reason is that without a purpose, you will not receive the full benefit from the yoga class itself. Yes, you might have gotten a little sweaty and maybe a little more flexible, but next time you take a class, see what else you gain from being able to set the expectation for class.

You can apply this principle to your life on a weekly basis, as it does set the tone on how you take action throughout the work week.  Do you want to get a project done in a few days? Write it down on a sheet of paper, or a notebook. The act of writing this down and making it known to yourself (better yet make it public on facebook or instagram) and you will be more likely to fulfill your intentions.  

So try it out today. If you want to make some forward progress towards any of your goals, here is what I recommend.  

  1. Look at your yearly goals and choose 1 to breakdown into smaller steps (quarterly->monthly->weekly). If you need help with this let me know

  2. Take the weekly intent/objective and write it down.

  3. Share it with someone. If you don’t want to post it publicly no worries, you can just share it with me by replying to this email.

  4. Set a reminder a week from now to let others know how your week went, and whether or not setting the intention helped you.  

  5. Let me know how the week went.

Are you ready?

Talk soon,



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