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As you may have read earlier this week, my flight back from Austin was cancelled and it resulted in us staying an additional two nights in Austin. We made the best of it, visited a few restaurants and saw some sites. However, we knew that we were going to be right back into the swing of things when we returned back from our travels.

On Sunday, we decided to stay in and chill out. Sundays are usually our days to get ready for the upcoming week. This meant planning out our goals for the week and then major vegging out watching “Grace and Frankie”.

Most people use traveling (work or play) as an excuse to deviate from daily routines. However, the reality is that it is increasingly important that we stick with our daily behaviors so that we are able to get back to the normal swing of things when we return.

When traveling for work, it can be very easy to drink an additional cocktail at a social event which will lead to poor sleep (nothing is as good as your own bed), causing you to sleep in and miss your workout. As you can see, deviation from the norm can have a huge effect. So here is are our top 5 tips on staying consistent with your routine while traveling (for work)

1. Switch to soda water with lime to be consistent with your regular alcohol consumption

2. Get moving! Find a way to elevate your heart rate and sweat while you are away! Even if it is for 20 minutes, this will set you up for a wonderful day.

3. Eat your veggies! Opt for additional steamed veggies at restaurants. You will enjoy the crunch and you won’t regret your decision.

4. Call a friend, family member, loved one. It gets lonely when you travel. Allot some time (5-10 minutes) to talk to someone that you care about. Even that little time will make a huge difference in how you feel.

5. Sleep! As I said in the paragraph above, nothing beats your own bed. So try to focus on adding an additional hour of sleep so that you can wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the next day!

These are just a few really helpful tips when trying to keep to my routines when traveling. What are your go to strategies when away from your home?

See you tomorrow when we discuss ways to keep up a rhythm when traveling for vacation!

Talk soon,



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