Couch to Fitness Program

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What feelings do you experience the moment “back to school” commercials pop back up on the TV or your web browser? Relief that you get a little more time to yourself because your children are going back to school, sadness because that means that summer Fridays will soon be gone, or anything else?

If you had to focus on entertaining your kids while they were on summer break, didn’t get to workout as much as you wanted, and are scared to get back into a routine because you now how sore you will be upon your return; then we have a program that will be perfect for you.

We will be launching our “Couch to Fitness” program starting the week after Labor Day. This twice a week program is perfect for people who have taken time off from the gym due to an injury and are scared to get back into a full fledged routine; as well as folks who need help starting a routine but have no idea what they are doing. Consider this as a 6 week program to get you up to speed on everything needed to start implementing a workout routine into your life.  

This class will be taught by our very own Judo Katie, who has her Master’s in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation, and her specialty is working with those who are new to fitness.  

This program will meet twice a week on Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturday mornings at 7:45am, with the first class on September 4th and graduation day being October 12.

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