Celebrating our moms!

Good morning!

Here at Hudson River Fitness, we work with people of all fitness levels, backgrounds and goals. We’ve had the opportunity to work with expecting mothers throughout their entire pregnancy. Research has shown that starting and maintaining a fitness program has been helpful for the entire process, which includes fewer complications, improved recovery time and overall well-being.

Some of our prenatal clients can be found working out on our social media. Today I wanted to celebrate a few of our mothers who had their first, second, or third child with us. 

We are so proud of their hard work to their health and to their babies!

If you are pregnant or are in the planning stage, there are a few items to keep in mind when it comes to your fitness program.

  1. Speak to your doctors. It is important for us to get medical clearance before starting any new activity when you find out you are pregnant. That way we can identify any modifications to implement into your workouts.

  2. Speak with your coaches. We are here to help you and the more you tell us, the better we can serve you. We are happy to modify every workout to your needs. It is our priority to make sure that you get both a SAFE and effective workout.

  3. Keep your heart rate in check. At the first trimester, it is important that you don’t stress the body beyond your capacity. There are many articles out there that talk about the ideal heart rate at the various stages. This could be a great time to invest in an activity tracker like the fit bit to monitor your heart rate.

  4. Keep your body temperature under control. Your body temperature will often be elevated as you are created a new little human. It is important that we don’t overheat, so drink plenty of water and do your workouts in front of a fan.

  5. Listen to your body and yourself. If your body isn’t feeling the greatest, take a day off. If you feel like you are going to be pushing yourself way too hard in a group class, private training or semi private training can be a great option for you. In this setting, we will be able to keep an even more watchful eye on you and provide an environment in which you will feel more comfortable. But if you feel comfortable in a group fitness setting, that is perfectly fine too!

More information can be found at this site: (

The big theme to this all is listening and communication. If you plan on having children, currently pregnant, or are recovering from childbirth, we would be happy to help you.  If you are interested in hearing more, book a no sweat intro with us today. 

Talk soon!


PS- Are you having some issues that need to be addressed before starting a program? Our good friend Dr. Judith Meer, is a pelvic floor specialist in Hoboken, and Dr. Chitra Mittal of Liberty Physical therapy is a pelvic floor specialist based out of Jersey City. They are amazing and will help you get back into a fitness routine in no time! Want more information about either of them? Reply with “Judith” or “Chitra” for more info!

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