Will lifting weights make me bulky?

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The answer to this question is…”it depends”. There are a lot of health benefits to lifting weights (aka- resistance training, weightlifting) which include: accelerated fat loss, improved strength, increased bone density, overall improved function, improved muscle toning and more. From a medical standpoint, it can actually help with pain and recovery from an injury.

The reality is that even with working out every single day, building enough muscle to look bulky actually takes a lot of work. It includes training sessions at maximal effort longer than 60 minutes, sleeping enough to facilitate recovery, and eating enough food to cause muscle growth (it’s not just hamburgers), and other factors. Most of us might only have 45-60 minutes a day to workout (and we have stuff to do after the gym), might only sleep 6-7 hours (if we’re lucky), and don’t eat enough food to foster muscle growth.

Here are the top 3 action steps to beginning a resistance program if you are scared of putting on bulk:

  1. Hire a coach who can teach you how to lift correctly (to prevent injury and maximize results).

  2. There are a ton of benefits with repetitions ranging from 5-12. To build your strength, aim for the lower ranges with higher weight, and to add a little more lean muscle, get closer to 12 with moderate weight. (Super light weights with high reps will produce the “burn”, but will not produce that much lean muscle)

  3. Eat vegetables and lean proteins to facilitate recovery. The intensity may be a little more than usual, so recovery is key to prevent injury and to maximize results.

If you are ready to begin resistance training because of the benefits listed above and have no idea where to start, reply to this message. We got your back.

If you already follow your own program, that’s awesome! Let us know how we can help you.

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