Recovering from the weekend

Good morning,

If you didn’t read my message from last week, I was headed out to Vancouver, BC for a bachelor party.  I am gonna be the first to say it, but I didn’t eat the best while I was away. From late night eats to staying in a new city, this situation will often lead to food choices that may deviate from your normal day to day activities. 

But you know what? That is ok from time to time! The best thing to do is recover from the weekend by returning back to your normal routine. Here are a couple ways to get back and recover from an activity filled weekend.

  1. Identify what your body needs. Take a few minutes and see what your body is asking you for. When I landed last night and got back home, my body was craving fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. So I ended up grabbing a steak, baby kale, blueberries, and strawberries from Shoprite. It was the perfect meal for me.

  2. Plan out your workout times during the week so you can get back to moving. A sweat is great to help restore you back to your normal routine. You might not feel 100% at the gym, but some activity is better than no activity.

  3. Catch up on your sleep. With events like bachelor parties, you will most likely not get enough sleep over the 2 or 3 days that you are away. But the work is still there when you get back. Which is why it is going to be important for you to make sure that you block out a clear sleep schedule so you can return to your normal routines with energy. Listen to your body on how much sleep it needs. If you need to take a nap (and you can) go for it. If you need a quick pick me up without the caffeine (after 2pm), then go for a short brisk walk or drink some really cold water.

If you are having trouble trying to get back into the groove from a big weekend (like the bachelor party, or even a vacation), try these steps above so that you can go back to your normal routine and feel better than ever.

Need help with this? We are here to help you.  Book your free no sweat intro with us today. This 15-20 minute meeting will help create a plan of action that will set you in the right direction. Whether it be nutrition or fitness coaching, we can help you.

Talk soon,



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