What was your win this week?

It is finally Friday!

You know what that means. It is time to celebrate the wins of the week! Also known as bright spots.

Identifying these ‘wins’ on a weekly basis is a great way to show you how many amazing things have happened in your life.

Motivation is a finite resource and it gets used up pretty quickly when trying to make a change. When we point out the bright spots, we see that we have taken steps (no matter how small) towards our goal. So when you’re feeling down and not sure if you’re making progress, think about what you’ve done so far, and how far you’ve come.

You’ll surprise yourself.

Go ahead and share your bright spot with me. I want to celebrate with you!

For me: we hosted another successful workout and wine night. We partnered with our member TJ Fiorillo and hosted an event to celebrate his clients through sweating and a little bit of wine afterwards. We’re so glad to have had them join in on the fun.

If you missed it this time, don’t worry, we will be hosting another one soon!

Have a great day,



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