Try this for your hips and shoulders!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I wanted to share with you a few stretches that I find to be really helpful for shoulder pain and stiffness. A lot of times we are told to pull our shoulder blades back and down.  This can lead to lats that are super tight and rhomboids that don’t allow the shoulder blade move across the rib cage. This could lead to shoulder and neck pain.

1) Lat opener- you can do this at home. Assume the child’s pose with your arms outstretched overhead in front of you. Turn your torso to the right, so that your left tricep and lat are in contact with the ground. The goal is to get the shoulders stacked right on top of each other. You should already be feeling a stretch in that area. When you get to that position, take 10-15 deep breaths and get deeper into that position, then switch. If you would like to make it more intense, flex your left elbow (bottom elbow), and have your left hand touch your right ear. You will feel a bigger stretch in your triceps too!

2) Rhomboid opener- You can do this pretty much anywhere there is a doorway or something sturdy to hold on to. Slightly bend your knees and grab a doorway with your left hand. Shift your weight back while keeping your chest upright. Let your left shoulder drift forward (not slouch), and you should be feeling a stretch on the inside of your shoulder blade. Maintain this position for 10-15 breaths, then switch positions. If you would like to make it more intense, turn your torso, so that your sternum is facing the arm that is holding onto the doorway.

This third and final stretch will open up your hip joints. After sitting or standing for hours, our joints can get pretty locked up. This shin box stretch is more of a tool to loosen them up, and with the big focus on movement.

3) Shin box- sit with your heels about 6 inches from your butt. have both of your knees face the ceiling (vertical shins), and rock your knees towards the left, and let your feet roll onto the side edges. Try to keep your hips in contact with the floor (it might not be possible during the first couple reps). Swipe side to side for about 20-30 times and you should feel your hips loosen up!

If you are a member and are feeling sore/stiff from the classes, these techniques above should help you recover. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating a ton of vegetables, and get your sleep in!

You can see this on our instagram. Video will be shared later today!

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