Do you like meeting your neighbors? We do!

Once a week, a member of the Hudson River Fitness team meets up with a local business. Last week, Kelsey, our community coordinator had the opportunity to speak with the Anand Sukhadia , founder of Om. Life Wellness Spa, a recovery oasis located in Jersey City. This company offers many stress relieving modalities including Normatech compression therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna and more. If you are someone who is stressed out, overtrained, fatigued, injured, or just want to find a way to feel good, then check out this place.

Read below to learn a little more about her amazing experiencing using one of the more popular services at the facility, zero gravity floatation:

“I had personally done flotation therapy in the past; however, this exceeded all of my expectations. Anand and his team booked me in the Flotation suite, which had plenty of space and taller ceilings than my previous experience, not to mention twinkle lights that helped ease my mind almost instantly when I got in! I kept the music on for the entirety of the session and was completely transported— I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to calm my mind! The next 90 minutes were a combination of near sleep and a state of relaxation that I’ve never experienced before.

As a self proclaimed go-getter and someone who is constantly on the move, I couldn’t ask for a better self-care moment to begin my week— I was truly able to let go of my thoughts and calm my mind. The best perk that I got from my flotation therapy was the 10 hour night sleep that evening! I couldn’t believe how long I felt the effects from this session and can’t wait to go back again.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check this place out, we highly encourage it. Your body and your mind will thank you.

In the meantime, if you don’t have the chance to head over there, here is a very simple, yet actionable way to reduce your stress. Box Breathing. It is all about focusing on the breath and concentrating. Think in sets of 4 seconds. Each stage of the breath will be 4 seconds in length in the following order- inhale, hold, exhale, hold (repeat). You can do this 5-10 times in a row and you will feel your stress melt away.

You’ve worked hard this week. You deserve some time to recover.

Have a great day,


PS- Feeling like you need to add a little activity to your life and not sure how? Book your free no sweat intro with us today so we can come up with an actionable plan that will work for you! Click on this link to book.

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