Meet Evan!

Good morning,

I would like to introduce you to Evan. He’s been a member of Hudson River Fitness for about a year now. He was looking for a change in his workout routine as he did hit a plateau in his progress. He was interested in building his strength and lean up a little bit. So he started off with the three session kickstart program where we focused on improving his squat mechanics as well as introduce him to some really awesome mobility and exercise techniques.

Once he finished his onboarding program, he transitioned to a three times per week program, with an emphasis on strength training (2x) and one conditioning class per week. Throughout the year Evan dropped a ton of fat and gained some solid muscle. As a result, Evan is stronger and leaner than ever. He even said this “1 year of HRF will help you get rid of that lard pillow you call a neck”. He was talking about the changes in his face on his drivers license.

Here are a few action steps to take if you are interested in making changes like Evan.

  1. Prioritize strength training

  2. Eat minimally processed foods

  3. Hire a coach, to help push you past plateaus

You’re not in this alone. Even if you are an experienced exerciser, we can help you.

Interested in hearing more? Book your free no sweat intro at this link today.

Have a great day!


PS- Not ready to commit to a program? Stay tuned for our 28 day nutrition challenge that can help jumpstart your fitness goals before the holiday season.


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