Top 5 hacks to lose fat

One of the more common goals that fitness coaches get approached with is “lose weight”. Now there is some merit to that specific goal, as there are designated healthy weights for various ages and heights. However, as technology and research has evolved, the more important factor is actually body composition. In other words, how much body fat and muscle is found in the body.

Muscle is the functional unit of the body that is used to generate movement and burn energy. However, fat in the body is used for warmth, hormone regulation, as well as energy storage. Muscle also weighs more than fat.

When someone is looking to lose weight, they are most likely working towards an aesthetic goal and health goal. This truly means that the body composition needs to change, and what truly should be lost is fat. Here are the top 5 ways to lose fat the fastest:

  1. Eat minimally processed foods. Emphasize eating vegetables and lean proteins.

  2. Eat in a caloric deficit (no more than 15% less than what your body needs, including your activity levels). It doesn’t really matter if it is high carb or low carb. As long as you are able to be at a constant caloric deficit, you will see changes.

  3. Incorporate high intensity workouts. It could be HIIT training, it could also be a short bout of high intense activity. You can do this with our conditioning classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This high intensity work is muscle sparing, which is also important for fat loss!

  4. Incorporate strength training at least 1x/week. This will be really helpful in increasing your energy expenditure throughout the day. The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn, and thus increasing that caloric deficit.

  5. Sleep and find a way to de-stress. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and are stressed out, your body will have a tendency to hold onto your fat. Avoid this by going to bed at a reasonable time!

Losing fat is simple but it is not always easy. However, if you consistently stick with these principles, you will be able to see changes. 

If you are looking for more help on achieving your fat loss goal, book your free intro session with a coach today. You can book your time at this link.

Have a great day!


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