Are you interested in making new friends?

Science has shown that making/having friends plays an integral part in one’s happiness. In our group classes members are working alongside their friends, which makes it fun, motivating, and promotes consistency. When working with a trainer in a private setting, you are developing a strong consistent relationship which focuses on your success with a program that is created specifically for you.

This week we got a chance to meet our new neighbors, Adam Hugh of Hoboken Table Tennis. This Warren, NJ native and table tennis pro has a family run center in Dunellen and wants to share the joy of the sport with Hoboken! They are located right next to the high school tennis courts in the fabric factory. They share a space with Hoboken Golf

Adam’s goal is to not only spread word about Table Tennis, but to create a location where the residents of Hoboken can gather, socialize and have fun. We really look forward to his success, and plan on having some social events in the future!

But when it all comes down to it, building deep relationships is key to overall happiness. If you feel like you need a hand in developing those relationships, check out these cool new spots.

If you would like to start a fitness program that caters to your goals in a warm, welcoming environment and makes you want to come every single day (even though you’re sore), then book a no sweat intro with a coach today. Here is the link to book. We’d love to meet you!


PS- We are offering a 28 day nutrition challenge starting the day after Halloween, November 1st. We will be helping you make some long lasting changes to your nutritional habits before the holidays start! It is $150 for the 28 day challenge with the potential to win back $25! We are also offering a free 28 day sober November challenge as well, should you want to start with a free program! Interested? Email or reply to this message!


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