Are you not excited for the weekend?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how a relative of mine talked about how quickly time flies with the phrase “the days are long but the years are fast”. Can you believe it is Friday! Hopefully you had the opportunity to get a ton of work done. 

On another note, it is that time of the week to celebrate your wins! No matter how big or small, every success/accomplishment is important.  So share them with us! We’d love to hear what went well over the past 7 days. 

These bright spots are important because they help us put into perspective the amazing steps/progress we’ve made towards our goals. Even if you didn’t notice a huge change on the scale, you may have observed that you are feeling stronger, less stressed, more energetic, and others. If you are having trouble trying to find a bright spot, think about any actions you made to get you one step closer to your goal. That is all you need, and from there, your motivation to continue along your journey will start to grow.

Some big wins over here at the gym is seeing our clients get their first set of double unders (Mary Beth!), which is when the jump rope passes underneath your feet twice with one jump. We are so proud of Mary Beth because she was able to link them together while also under fatigue and stress!

Another huge membership accomplishment this week was hearing that one of our members felt so strong that she was able to fully enjoy all the outdoor activities (ziplining and hiking) in Mexico (yay Amparo!).

We are really excited to see the amazing progress that our members are making. We are also really excited to be hosting an event to support the LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) next Saturday, October 6th at 11am. It is going to be a fundraiser workout that was suggested by our member Jenna. There will be some beverages provided by Departed Soles Brewing Company as well. All are welcome to join in on the workout, fundraise for a good cause, or just meet some new/existing friends.  So stop on by! We would love to have you.

Enjoy your weekend,


PS- We are 4 weeks away from our 28 day nutrition challenge. If you want to start the holiday season with some really awesome changes, then this program is for you. Beat the holiday belly fat by partaking in this 28 day principle based challenge which will result in benefits like: fat loss, reduced stress, less sick days, improved energy, and more! $149 to participate with the opportunity to win back $25 for future fitness or nutrition services!  Interested in hearing more? Email for more info and to sign up!


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