Three tips to fix your shoulders and low back

It is Monday and you know what that means! It’s leg or chest day! As we begin a new training cycle with a focus on a slight increase in training volume (number of repetitions), it is important to ensure that your recovery is on point.

Muscle soreness, pain, fatigue are not signs that a workout program is effective. Which is why we encourage our clients to get at least 7 hours of sleep, eat minimally processed foods, and ensure that they are covering the big lifts.

Whether it be to focus on losing weight, building strength, or improving one’s health, it is important that we take time to focus on letting our bodies recover from the stresses of daily life and workouts. This includes stretching and mobilizing. The following three mobility techniques will be used to help improve the recovery in your shoulders and your low backs!

Infraspinatus rollout– This muscle often gets overlooked and can often get irritated with long periods of the slouched forward position. Grab a lacrosse ball and place it underneath your shoulderblade (right below the ride of the blade). It will most likely not feel great, so gently put pressure in that area. It should be pain free. 90s should do the trick.

The prone reach– Once you get that shoulder opened up, it is time to add a little bit of rotation to help maximize movement. Do this at home and on a carpeted floor or your bed. Look at your thumb as you turn and lift one hand up towards the ceiling. You should feel the base of your shoulder blade tense up as you lift. If you feel like your upper trap is firing, take a big breath and exhale as you reach up. A set of 5-10 reps should be helpful. See if there is a difference between left and right side!

Support hip bridge– If your low back is a little tight or sore after sitting in an office all day or after a heavy deadlift set, then try this out. Place a foam roller underneath your hips, right at the base of your sacrum. You should feel a release of tension in both your hips and your low back! Hang out here for about 90s!

If you are a member and taking class this week, then try these out to help you recover from what we have planned for you!

If you are overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there and are just looking for something that is going to work for you, then speak with a coach today. You can book your free no sweat intro here.


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