6 days…

January 19th is 6 days away. This is the day where most people will be quitting on their New Years Resolution, hence the title “Quitters Day”.

There are many reasons on why people would quit on their goals: the plan followed was too intense, unrealistic goals were set, life challenges/events, and others.

This week we will be focusing on action steps that will help you avoid being another statistic. What you will be doing over the next few days don’t just apply to surpassing January 19th, but in any point in time that you want to make a change to your health, behaviors, and actions. With every change we can map out a plan, however, often people fail to identify the obstacles, barriers, and challenges that come in the way. Consider every action that we are addressing will remove one of those barriers. If done correctly, you would have removed 6 barriers that would separate you and success.

Today’s action is to focus on writing down everything that you predict could make it more challenging for you to follow through with your resolution. When putting it on paper, you are getting your mind ready to overcome these challenges.

That’s all you need to do today. Tomorrow we will talk about what to do with them. Good news, this list is always changing. Add or subtract whatever comes your way. It’s your list.

Share it with me if you’d like. I would love to hear more about what obstacles are challenging you (or what may challenge you in the future).

If you are ready to make a change with he Hudson River Fitness team, we’ve helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals. Come be part of a program that will keep your goals, abilities, and injuries in mind. Book your call with a coach today.

Our nutrition challenge starts February 1. Next month is cardiovascular health awareness month. If you want to improve not just your aesthetics and ensure that your behaviors are helping with your heart, click on this link to enroll in the program. It’s 28 days and we will provide you accountabiity and an actionable plan for you to begin immediately. It is $149 to enroll with a chance to win back $25. It is open to everyone and you don’t have to be a member of the gym to do so. Also, this program is perfect if you are looking to come off of an intense diet routine and don’t want to rebound on the changes you’ve made. This will be a segway into healthy eating that you can do long term. click here to enroll.



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