5 Days…

With Quitters Day around the corner (January 19th), we are focusing this week on following through with our goals. Yesterday we wrote down all of the obstacles in the way that can stop us from making forward progress.

When you identify the challenges you face, the mind already starts to come up with a plan to overcome those obstacles. Scheduling issues? Your mind actually starts to think, what can we do to make it work.

However, the mind can easily be overwhelmed. The reality is that we are faced with thousdands of challenges, which result in countless decision making opportunities. When we get inundated with options, it can be very difficult to choose the action that is the best for us. As a result, we often walk the path of least resistance: skipping the gym, ordering take out, stare at our phones for hours without doing any work.

Today’s action step is to take those obstacles and write down 1 thing you can do to avoid such obstacles all together.


If you’re too tired after work to go to the gym-> carry a change of workout clothes so you can workout right after you get back in town; or switch your workout time to the morning and have it be the first thing you do for the day…

If you’ve given up drinking and don’t want to explain why you’re choosing to do so when out at a bar for work/friends-> suggest a new way to bond with coworkers (fitness activity) and find a different activity to do with your friends that don’t include alcohol.

You can absolutely force yourself to make these changes, especially when the world around you is making it harder to do so; or you can change the situation for yourself so that you don’t have to work harder than you’re already doing.

The choice is yours: Be a thermometer and react to the situation, or you can be the thermostat and set the expectation for your success.

You can absolutely do this.

If you need some help along the way. Book a call with a coach today and we can talk a plan of action to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Our nutrition challenge begins in a few weeks (February 1st). We are accepting only 15 people into this program. If you are currently following an intense diet plan for the month of January and aren’t quite sure what the next steps are for you, then this program a perfect bridge back to normal habits. Don’t let the rebound from an intense diet cause you to gain all the weight back. You worked hard for your results, you deserve to keep them. Click here to enroll today.



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