What do dog collars and a baby’s first steps have in common?

I’ve failed and quit hard on my fitness goals before. When I retired from swimming, I wanted to keep my lean swimmer’s body as I transitioned into graduate school. I later realized that training 6 hours a day and eating garbage was not a realistic or a sustainable way to maintain my health. As a result, I gained 20lbs and wore nothing but sweatpants (because I had no choic). I’ve tried paleo, keto, bulletproof, whole30, you name it for 30 days and then went back to my old habits.

Consider every failure as a stepping stone. You learn from every mistake you make so that in the future you don’t ever have to face it again.

You can focus on the negative consequence to modify behavior. You see this in electric dog collars; and when you do something to avoid being nagged by your parent/significant other. It’s effective, but not the most affective when it comes to making changes.

However, if you focus on the positives, there will be a much more profound change to your behaviors. You can see this in praising children when they are behaving, and showing your excitement when a baby takes its first steps. As we age, we often forget that this is an amazing tactic to boost motivation and change our own lifestyles.

At the gym we call them bright spots. Every Friday, we take a moment and recognize the wins throughout the week. No matter how big or small, we identify the things that went well, especially the forward progress we’ve made towards our health/fitness goals. That excitement we feel is multiplied when we share it with others.

The more you celebrate those victories, the more motivated you’ll be to push forward. Quitters day is only 2 days away. I know that you have it in you. So reply to this message and tell me what went well this week. Better yet, book a call with me and let’s celebrate together. This call is free, no strings attached. I literally want to hear what’s good.

Have a great day,



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