4 Minute read: It’s not about how bad you want it…

There are many things that separate us from animals. One component that makes us human is the idea of desires/wants and how it drives our behaviors.

A ‘need’ must be fulfilled in order for us to survive: shelter, food, heat, clothing, social acceptance.

A ‘want’ is something that we desire but is not necessary for our survival: fancy cars, expensive watches, the hottest/newest phones.

We’ve identified that in order to achieve a heath and fitness goal, consistency must be established. Look at any effective workout plan or nutrition program, and if you’re able to follow it consistently, then you’ll most likely yield positive results. However, most plans fail due to lack of consistency.

You may have read or heard the phrase “if you want it bad enough, you’ll achieve your goals”. But is this really the case? As we age, we become more and more accustomed to not having everything we want (new job, raises, relationships, etc.). Yes we are upset that we don’t get it, but we move on. However, if we don’t eat, sleep, or find shelter, we’ll most likely die.

If you’re feeling bad about yourself because your fitness goals seem out of reach and you’ve failed multiple times, it’s not a matter of wanting it bad enough. Try this technique: Break down your goals into it’s driving components. Ask yourself why the goal is so important to you. Ask yourself that question 2 more times to get down to the root of why you need to make changes to your health and fitness.

Here’s an example: You want to lose 20lbs and get back to your prebaby weight. Why? Because you want to feel confident in yourself. Why? Because the first couple years of having a child was 100% dedicated to the baby and your health declined. Why? Because you want to make sure that you’re healthy for your child as they grow older.

It’s your mission and perogative to live a healthy life for your children. So that they have an amazing role model to look up to when they grow up and so that they can have a healthy parent who can keep up with them as they get older.

Your health and fitness goals may not seem as urgent as having to feed yourself and sleep. But when it comes to looking at why it is so important for you, and changing that ‘want’ into a ‘need’, nothing will stop you.

So try that out today, and let us know how it goes.

If you’re ready to make a change, book a free no sweat intro with us today so we can discuss a plan of action to help you. Here is the link to book.



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