3 Minute Read: What are you capable of doing?

If you ask any of the coaches on the HRF staff about why they got involved with fitness and health, you’ll get one consistent answer: “I love helping people”.

Words can’t describe how excited we get when we see a client achieve their goals such as losing those stubborn 10 pounds, getting their first pushup, or something even as simple as being able to walk up the stairs without getting winded. It’s such an amazing feeling when we get to celebrate those accomplishments with them. Sometimes we even hear “wow, I didn’t even know I could do that”.

Which got us thinking about human capability. Everyone has their own fitness/health journey that they follow. Some people want to lose weight, get stronger, healthier, and/or happier. The good news is that we are way more capabale of accomplishing these goals than we think right now. Even the slightest thought of reaching a goal is one step closer to success than not having a single thought at all.

So your action step today is to think about you capabalities. What are you capabale of doing? What changes can you make today to get one step closer to reaching your goal? Share that action step with us today. We’d love to hear from you.

The next question to ask yourself is: Are you willing to make that change? If so awesome! If not, no worries, is there another way for you to make that change thats more in line with you? The coaches at HRF are available to help you succeed. We aren’t just trainers who count reps for you or scream in your face. We’ll literally map out that entire journey for you. And the really good news is that once you reach your goal, we want to celebrate with you and identify that next obstacle to face.

In order to help you, we have to know what you’re trying to accomplish. But you need to know that first. Book a free no sweat intro with a coach today by clicking on this link. Not ready for it yet? Don’t worry. Next week’s email series is all about taking action.

Have a great day,



If you’re a mom or mom to be (or know someone), we’ll be hosting a pelvic floor physical therapy seminar on February 29th at 11:15am. This will be after the SLAM Hoboken workout class at 10:15. Learn all about the care for your pelvic floor with Dr. Judith Meer of the Pelvic PT. You can rsvp at this link.


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