You deserve more for yourself

Take a step in front of a mirror and write down what you see. Do you see someone lazy, fatigued, overweight, or unhealthy? If these adjectives come to mind, then following a health and fitness routine may “fix” what you see in the mirror. You may lose a few pounds, lose a few inches. But are you truly ‘fixed’? Was there something wrong with you in the first place?

How about changing the narrative about what you see in the mirror? What if you switched out those adjectives and identify who you really are…. a provider, caregiver, parent, partner. If you look at your daily behaviors, why do you do them in the first place? You spend your time and energy working hard to care for others, every single day. But what about caring for yourself? The reality is that you deserve the best in the world. You deserve to be healthy, fit, confident and proud of who you are.

So why start a fitness/health program? You must first do it for yourself, and then think about others. You deserve to feel energized, confident, and happy. You deserve to wake up in the morning without pain, and you absolutely deserve to have all the energy to keep up with your kids/family/partner. If you focus on yourself a little more, you might notice you can give and care for others even better.

If you feel like it is about time for you to set aside some time for your health, fitness, and yourself, then click here to book a call with a coach today. Let’s talk about what YOU want, why it’s so important to you, and come up with a plan together to get you there. You can do this, because you need to. Click here to book a call with a coach today.

Not ready to speak with a coach? That’s ok. But take the first step in caring for yourself by the taking the following actions:

1) Set aside 30 minutes a day to get moving (any physical activity will do, even walking)

2) Add an extra serving of vegetables to each meal today

3) Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than before (if you’re having trouble sleeping, start a new book)

4) Write down in a notebook or piece of paper, on why you deserve the best.

If you are currently working on your health and fitness, great work! Continue to push yourself everyday so that you can continue to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Share your successes with others so that they can see that they too deserve to care for themselves the way you do! If you know of someone who can use a little more encouragement, feel free to send this message to them.

Have a great day,



This Saturday, February 8th is our anniversary party. Please join us for a fun community workout at 11am (in place of 8:30am and 9:15am class) and a party to follow! We’d love to have you around to celebrate with us! Please rsvp at this link so we can make sure we have enough food! Hope to see you there!

If you’re a mom or mom to be, we’ll be hosting a pelvic floor physical therapy seminar on February 29th at 11:15am. This will be after the SLAM Hoboken workout class at 10:15. Learn all about the care for your pelvic floor with Dr. Judith Meer of the Pelvic PT. You can rsvp at this link.

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