HRF Response to COVID 19

This is a unique time and things are moving quickly. It can be confusing and stressful.

So here is the quick rundown of information you need to know in regards to operations at Hudson River Fitness.

  • Classes will continue as scheduled until otherwise reported.

  • At home workouts will be provided as part of our normal programming.

  • We have been and will continue to be vigilant in our daily sanitation procedures.

  • Clients are instructed to sanitize their own equipment and coaches sanitize again after class.

  • If you display ANY symptoms please stay home. You may be asked to leave if the staff notices symptoms in you or any guest you bring.

We enjoy a small, safe, controlled environment here at Hudson River Fitness. Being a boutique health and fitness studio we have to pleasure to personally know each member. We also carefully coach each and every session and can therefore know with almost 100% certainty who’s at the gym, when, and why. We can also know with almost 100% certainty what equipment they have touched.

This environment is intentionally different than most all other gyms. And that advantage helps us keep a more sanitary facility.

If you have any concerns about your membership whatsoever, please reach out to me personally and we can discuss it. You are truly amazing and we’ll do everything in my power to keep you healthy.


P.S. If you are not a member but would like to purchase remote coaching, please reach out to me


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