What does a nutrition coach do?

If you’ve been following the last couple posts, it’s nutrition week. That means every day we shared an action step used to help you make improvements to your nutrition. Monday we talked all about portion sizing, Tuesday was all about the carb vs fat debate (hint: you need both) and yesterday we talked about the importance of protein.

You may have read all these posts and thought to yourself “yeah, of course you need to eat less to lose weight, and carbs/fats aren’t that bad for you if eaten in moderation, etc.” However, it’s not the lack of knowledge that stands in the way to achieving a health/fitness goal; in fact, its the lack of action, accountability, and lack of clarity in regards to what the best route to go about pursuing said goal.

A nutrition coach can actually help out signifcaintly with overcoming all those challenges. If you’ve worked out intensely for 3-4 times per week and you’ve yet to accomplish your goals, the answer isn’t more workouts (sounds like an easy solution). The next step would be have a coach look at what you’re eating from an objective, scientific perspective. From there, the coach is able to provide the plan of action that would be the best for you.

An example would include: The principle is to eat less processed foods and eat more vegetables. The coaching strategy could be to focus on adding in more vegetables at each meal. The nutrition coach would even go deeper to understand the triggers to eat more processed foods. Is it related to stress, schedule, lack of options? The best nutrition coaches don’t just tell you what to do, but they also help you understand and identify the best routes for YOU.

Also, when working with a nutrition coach, keep an eye out for those who are trying to sell you more powders and supplements. Nutrition coaches should help you focus on eating real foods, and treating supplements as in fact… Supplements.

Coach Amber at Hudson River Fitness has her Masters degree in nutrition and is on the fast track to being a registered dietitian. This means that she is going to be at the highest level of her field by the end of this year. Amber is here to help you find the safest, most effective, and sustainable way to achieve your goals.

We offer three types of nutrition coaching programs at Hudson River Fitness.

If you’re looking for more of a transformative approach to your eating habits and make it a true lifestyle, then our 12 week programs are for you. Rather than putting you through an intense restrictive program, Amber will work with you every step of the way to ensure success.

If you are looking to establish a good solid foundation first, then our 6 week program could be great for you. It takes about 6 weeks to form a habit, so this is a great start if you are wary about committing to a longer program.

Last but not least, we run a nutrition challenge every quarter. It’s a perfect way to kickstart and reset your eating habits in a group setting where you’re getting that support and accountability from others.

If you’re frustrated with your lack of results (even with more workouts) then book a free call with Amber today by clicking on this link.

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