Do you deserve a cheat meal/day?

Happy Friday! At the end of each week, our community celebrates what is called “Bright Spots Friday”. It’s an opportunity to identify the small wins that have occured over the last several days. This practice is a great way to boost motivation and forward progress. If you feel like you’ve lost some motivation and maybe have ‘given up’, take a moment today to think about the steps you’ve made towards your health and fitness goals. Share it with us. We’d love to celebrate with you.

All of this week we talked about nutrition and its role on your health and fitness goals. Monday was all about portion sizing, Tuesday talked about carbs and fats, Wednesday discussed proteins, and yesterday we talked all about what nutrition coaching can do for you.

Today we’re talking all about eating on the weekends. You might have heard the term “earn your weekends” which would include a long and intense workout followed by evening binging on food and alcohol. This is also synonymous with a “cheat day” after a week of prepping your meals and sticking with “the plan”.

So you go ahead and workout in the morning to then eat and drink to your heart’s desire on a Saturday night. How do you feel the following day? If you feel bloated, hungover, and feel like you’ve taken a step back in your progress, the good news is that there’s another way to go about eating on the weekends.

It might sound boring and annoying, but the practice of moderation and consistency during the week is going to help you way more than being super restrictive Monday through Friday and to binge on the weekends. So here are some steps on how to make your eating more consistent, so that you feel less guilty and know that you’re making progress towards your goals:

  1. Think about what you want to eat and how much (if you need help with portion control read these two articles). My wife and I think about food pretty much all the time (it’s because we love to eat).

  2. Plan on cooking at least two meals over the weekend, extra points if you cook four. My favorite meals to cook on the weekends include Saturday/Sunday breakfast, and Saturday/Sunday dinner. Plus restaurants get really busy on the weekends (do you really want to be surrounded by all that madness?)

  3. If you are going to be drinking alcohol, focus on enjoying your beverage. Savor every sip and drop of your drink. The times of high volume drinking are over and if you’re looking to lose weight, limiting your alcohol intake is going to help out significantly.

  4. If you wake up hungover, try something new and delicious. The cure for all hangovers and sicknesses is pho. That’s the original bone broth, and it’s delicious.

  5. If you want to have a treat, go ahead. If you let yourself have a little treat, and not think about it as a cheat meal, you’re in a much better position to stop when you have reached maximal enjoyment. You’ll notice that the first bite is way way better than the last bite. You’ll feel better too.

You don’t really need to “earn” the weekend by trying to a crazy workout and then engorging yourself on foods and drink that you don’t need. If you feel like you’re depriving yourself during the week and binging on the weekends, try adding a little of those things throughout the week and keep your eating habits consistently. The reality is, you absolutely deserve your weekends.

If you’re looking for more help with your nutrition habits, book a free call with coach Amber, MS. If you need help starting a fitness program, book a free call with a coach today. We’d love to help you.

Have a great weekend,


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