3 Advanced tips for Sciatica pain

Sciatica pain relief is more than just exercises, stretches, and hands on techniques; there is an entire science on the study of pain.  There is growing research about this field of study and it’s very promising. In essence, it provides us a view of which that pain is not always indicative of damage. Here are advanced three tips about sciatica, pain, and the brain.

  1. Pain is only an electrical signal originating from initial injury site and ends up getting processed in the brain. It is the brain that determines whether or not it is painful.
  2. Pain is a survival mechanism. It is used to keep us safe from harm and it tell us to make a change (ex: removing your hand from a hot stove). 
  3. If pain is present for more than 12 weeks, the brain can be conditioned to feel pain, even when there is no injury. (Your pain is very real, but one thing that is helpful is viewing the pain in this light).

So yes, pain is in your head, but to be clear…. Pain is not a figment of your imagination. Understanding these principles is key to helping manage pain that has been present for more than 12 weeks.


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