3 Questions to answer when living with Sciatica pain

Pain isn’t just experienced physically. It is more than just the pain in your back, leg, foot; it’s also about the pain that occurs in your mind. I can’t play with my kids, I can’t hang out with friends because it hurts to sit or stand. All of these physical and mental feelings lead to 3 common questions that need to be answered.

Will I ever recover?– Yes, there is hope. If you haven’t heard me talk about this in the past, but pain does not always indicate injury. In fact, if you’re experiencing pain for more than 12 weeks, we are also dealing with the central sensitization (or the habit) of being in pain. So, tell yourself “there is hope”, and that “pain does not always mean damage”. Telling yourself this will actually help reduce the intensity and get you one step closer to recovery.

How can I live my life with this pain while I’m recovering?– As crazy as it may seem, you can work around your pain. Consider your experiences as gutter guards in a bowling alley for now. These gutter guards are there to protect you from going deep scoring a “0”, or in reality create more damage. So focus on moving within your available range of motion, and modify the activities as needed so that you can avoid the gutters, for now. And last but not least, ask for help. You’ll be surprised how helpful people can be if you just ask.

How can I make sense of all of this information that I find out on the internet?– There is so much awesome and free knowledge available to us. However, this can be overwhelming and can cause undue suffering. Even emails like this can be overwhelming. The key is that you don’t have to know everything. In fact, with each actionable step, try to implement that into your day and see if it works. If it helps with your pain, keep it up! If it doesn’t, time to scrap that and move onto a different strategy. You are the driver for your recovery.

There are always questions that come to mind when dealing with an injury. That’s a great thing. It gives us an opportunity to explore ourselves and our limits. Take this as an opportunity to help yourself recovery.

If you do have any questions, comment below.


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