3 Questions to ask your provider

If you are currently under the care of a provider (doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.) I am so happy for you. You have taken another great step in your recovery (in addition to checking out our podcast). 

Today I’m going to share with you 3 questions that I recommend asking your provider (if they haven’t asked/answered for you already). This is important because working with a professional can be overwhelming. You’re already in pain, going through exercises, stretches, and receiving hands on care. It is a lot of information to digest as you are healing. But you don’t need to be overwhelmed and left in the dark. In fact, having a clear line of communication with your provider is key to ensuring that you get the results you want/need/deserve.

1) Could you repeat what you just said? – Sometimes there is so much information that it can get hard to digest. Being informed about your status is another key to your recovery and if you don’t quite understand what they are saying, I give you permission to ask them to explain it to you again. If they are happy to do so and provide an explanation that makes sense to you, then you know you’re in the right hands. If they don’t elaborate, re-explain, or take the time to answer your question, then it is a sign that you might need to find another provider.

2) Why am I doing this exercise? – You don’t need to be explained all of the physiology or biomechanics into how an exercise/stretch works, but if they can’t verbalize as to why it is important for your recovery, then it might be just a way to buy some time as they work with another patient. When you are in active state of pain, every activity you do should be reducing it (either at rest or with movement). 

3) Can you take a look at {activity that causes/increases my pain}? It is easy to just say, “if it hurts, then stop doing it”. However, if you have pain when walking, they should look at how you walk; also clinicians should look at how activities influence your pain. It is important for these professionals to establish a baseline and understand your goals and the activities that you would like to return to. For example, on the first or second session I will actually ask my client to run on camera or in front of me so we can identify the challenges faced with running. It provides important information, guides my exercise/stretch selection, and then we can reassess the run to see if it made any changes. If you want to run, exercise, walk, you should be able to do so pain free.

When working with a provider, it is key to have a steady line of communication. The information you give to the professional will guide their plan for you, and the information they give to you will help you understand the problem which makes it easier to solve.

You aren’t alone in this journey, nor should you be.

If you are currently working with a provider and are looking for more support, then the Patient Advocate program can be helpful. This is in essence a support program where you can email/text us with questions/concerns and we’ll reply to you within 24 hours. We will also provide follow up questions or guidance to discuss with your professional so you can maximize your results. This is a better alternative than working with multiple professionals to prevent overwhelm. It is only $24.99 per week and it’s designed to help you recover faster with less confusion. If you are interested, book your free strategy call here. It is a no risk, 30 minute call where we can learn about you and come up with a plan together. 

If you aren’t currently working with a provider, that’s totally ok too. I understand the importance of trying solve problems on your own. I do it all the time. But if you would like to have a step by step guided program to help you along the way, then check out our 12 week Sciatica relief course. You’ll be provided all of the tools necessary to break free from this pain cycle, complete with stretches and exercises. It is originally priced at $999 but I believe in this program so strongly that I reduced this price for you to $297. You can register for it here.

The Sciatica Protocol was designed to help you get customized stretches for your recovery with daily reminders. Avoid having to wait 2 weeks to see a provider and begin your program today. The key is that you need to take action on your recovery, and this program will hold you accountable and make changes for you when needed. It is only $9.99 for the program and it is designed to help you. You can register for it here.

If you want to really address this problem at the source, I just opened my schedule up for 3 more clients. We’ll meet via video chat on your own time and come up with an individualized plan to help you break free from sciatica pain. If you’re interested in hearing more, book your free strategy call here.


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