A letter to the first responders

We are in the middle of the third week of quarantine and it looks like things are just getting started. I wanted to take a moment and thank the first responders for all their hard work and dedication to helping the community during a time of crisis. You already have a difficult job managing the emergencies that happen outside of this current health situation; but to combine it with the increased number of COVID-19 cases, your workload has increased exponentially. We appreciate everything you’re doing to keep us safe and healthy.

If you’re a civilian and would like to help those on the front lines, here are a few action steps that you can take today to help them and show your support:

  1. You can make a donation to the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corp. These funds can help them with supplies and support.
  2. Just like I’m writing a letter to you, send out a note of kindness/appreciation to them. Tag them on social media; let them know you care and appreciate everything they’re doing for us.
  3. Order food or coffee from one of the local restaurants and have it delivered to the local EMS, police station, fire house
  4. Practice social distancing. We can do our part by flattening out the curve. Be conscious of your distance between others (the waterfront and in grocery stores).

We’re gonna get through this together. Let’s take a moment to share our gratitude with others. 

Have a great day,



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